KFN Infinity Launches New Content Marketing Services

KFN Infinity, a London-based digital marketing agency specializing in helping businesses improve online visibility, has launched new content marketing services.

More information can be found by visiting https://www.kfninfinity.com

The recently launched content marketing services are suitable for life coaches, opticians and pharmacists in the Greensboro, NC area. As part of this service, the company connects local businesses with major media sites to improve their online presence and rank in Google searches.

Services are provided by a team of professional writers, developers and advertisers who have experience in a wide range of industries. Together, they create content campaigns that include written, video and advertising content that represents the brand’s message.

As part of the update, the team can tailor content to a specific region, neighborhood or location to further increase the customer’s search ranking. The company explains that targeting a specific location in this way can improve the visibility of the business.

Once all of the content has been compiled, the team makes an effort to share it on major reputable publications and sites. This ensures that Google recognizes the content as relevant and reliable.

By using the service, the company claims that businesses will appear on the first page of Google, improve their website traffic, and attract new customers. They can also outperform their competition.

Interested parties can watch a free webinar or schedule a 15-minute call to discuss company services and client needs. A free e-book that provides an overview of using Google My Business is also available.

Peter, CEO and former client, says: “We’re on page one. If you are looking for Google search results and rank higher than your competition, KFN is the company to hire. The KFN team never disappoints us. I highly recommend them. ”

KFN Infinity is a company that understands how Google works and has extensive knowledge of SEO and its implementation. They have helped hundreds of local and non-local businesses increase their search engine rankings.

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