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New technology enables mid-term optimization for audio with automated recommendations to improve campaign performance.

AdsWizz, the global leader in digital audio and podcast advertising solutions, has extended its tools with a new attribution solution. This audio solution allows advertisers to accurately measure the impact of their ads and maximize the effectiveness of each campaign while it’s still in progress. In a study of 600 campaigns who used AdsWizz attribution technology, advertisers saw an average ad impression conversion rate of 4.0%, and among purchase conversion tracking campaigns, 82% of advertisers were able to attribute a purchase to the audio advertising campaign.

“Audio is an extremely popular industry and the number of listeners is growing rapidly,” said Pierre Naggar, senior vice president of global demand at AdsWizz. “The launch of our attribution solution brings measurement capabilities to the audio industry that have been the driving force behind the growth of display and video. Our tools allow advertisers to access data information on which they can plan campaigns. We’ve made it easy for advertisers to tailor conversion metrics to their campaign goals.

“AdsWizz’s attribution solution has been instrumental in showing our customers the true value and power of streaming radio and podcast advertising,” said Jonathan Gualotuna, head of programming at Wpromote, an advertising agency. digital marketing specialist in performance marketing. “By being able to accurately attribute our audio campaigns to purchases and the consumer conversion path, we were able to see an amazing return on ad spend and deliver key insights to our advertisers. “

As audio consumption has increased, it has effectively become a part of everyday life – accompanying consumers in the morning with the daily news, on their commute to work, and while they go. exercise and cook. But during these activities, listeners don’t always stop to perform a desired action, such as visiting a brand’s website to register or make a purchase, even though the audio ad may have created the initial brand awareness. . The desired action often occurs on a different digital device, different from the one where the advertisement was heard, at a later time. This delay and device fragmentation prevents advertisers from accurately connecting conversions to their audio ads.

AdsWizz attribution solutions now allow advertisers to see which conversions can be attributed to their audio ads. AdsWizz attribution technology is the first solution to combine cross-device audio ad tracking and attribution reporting on the same platform. This powerful combination allows advertisers to assess the impact of their ongoing campaigns at a granular level. The solution is able to bring up performance information and automatically recommend specific campaign adjustments for mid-term optimization strategies. It’s like having an ad navigation system that redirects the campaign to a successful path whenever it detects any blockages or delays.

The attribution solution is able to track conversions such as app downloads, website visits, registrations, cart additions and purchase confirmations. The ability to track conversions with a monetary value allows advertisers to see return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per action (CPA) performance.

“AdsWizz has enabled us to deliver sophisticated audio campaigns to not only harness the power of first party data, but also to really show its effectiveness when used in audio advertising,” said Charlie Brookes, CRO at Octave Audio . “Rich targeting data dramatically improves performance and ROI for our customers, and AdsWizz’s attribution tools can show it. “

This solution is only available on AdsWizz AudioMatic, the audio and podcast planning and purchasing platform for advertisers; and AdsWizz AudioServe, the campaign and traffic management solution for audio publishers. It is available today in all major world markets.

To learn more about AdsWizz’s attribution campaign study, you can download the full report, here.

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