Loan borrowing? Benefit from low interest

Loan borrowing? Benefit from low interest


Transferring a loan is not always beneficial. A lot depends on the remaining term of your current loan. And of course the interest rate. We are happy to do the calculation for you whether it is advantageous to take out a loan or simply to run as it is. Transferring a loan is easily and quickly arranged with our transfer service.

We would be happy to get you started to let you know what the possibilities are, but also the impossibilities with the transfer. That is borrowing new money, fair, transparent and customer-centric.

Transfer your loan

Have you been running your loan for some time? Or have you recently taken out your loan, but perhaps it is a bit rushed? Are you not getting rid of your loan? Then it can be advantageous to take out your loan. Transferring a loan can bring you a lot of benefits. The advisers of Orange are happy to look with you to see what we can do for you. We advise honestly, clearly, clearly and transparently. You count the benefit for it. And if there is no benefit, we will let you know clearly. That is the sound advice from Orange.

Transfer your loan without worry

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Transferring your loan can bring you a lot of benefits. Yet many consumers experience the transfer of a loan as a concern. This is because there is often insufficient knowledge of the matter. Transferring your loan to a loan with a lower monthly installment, for example, looks nice, but it is. Does the transfer of a loan still yield any benefits? Is it not more sensible to also change the form of credit, even if it is only partial?
Many questions that Orange is happy to guide you through. We ensure that the transfer of your loan does not entail any concerns for you. Our advice regarding the transfer is free. Even if you do not take out the loan with us.

Transfer personal loan

Do you currently have a personal loan? But do you find the interest a bit on the high side? Then a personal loan can be beneficial. There are, however, a number of things that you need to take into account when transferring a personal loan.

Transfer personal loan with the same duration


If you are going to reschedule your personal loan, you generally do not want a longer term for your loan. In practice, this is certainly not easy. Even if the interest rate is slightly higher, you will often see that with a rescheduling of the personal loan there is only benefit if you extend the term. Therefore, when transferring, always look carefully at the total costs of your loan. We are happy to count with you. An application at Orange is of course always free of charge and without obligation.

Transfer current credit

Transferring a revolving credit is generally cheaper than transferring a personal loan. Nevertheless, it is also important here to pay attention to more than just the interest rate. Whether or not transferring a revolving credit also gives you a lot of benefits also depends on the use of your loan. Orange is happy to think along with you in order to find out how you can get the most benefit from rescheduling your revolving credit. And, important to report, advice about your loan is always free!

Transfer your loan to a revolving credit

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Do you need extra money? Or do you just want a flexible loan that you can use? Then the revolving credit can be an excellent option for you. With a revolving credit you can make penalty-free repayments on your loan to ensure that you have repaid it quickly. If you have been a bit too enthusiastic about paying back, you can simply withdraw from your loan. That is the advantage of a flexible revolving credit.

Do you not want stress during the transfer? Let Orange arrange everything for you. We are happy to do this, it is our profession. And although it sounds a bit un-Dutch, we are convinced that we are the best at this. With our many years of experience we are happy to share the possibilities and impossibilities with you for a cheap loan.

Or a combination loan?

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In addition to the standard choices, you can of course also choose to borrow the new money . It is still little provided, but can be a very nice option. The best of both worlds. An affordable personal loan at a fixed low interest rate, and a revolving credit with which you have the desired flexibility. By combining these two you get the best of both worlds.
You also limit the risk in the event of an unexpected interest rate rise. The personal loan from the combination loan has a fixed interest rate.